Study Vacation Camp

Summer Camp

International Training Programs (ITP) hosts two programs: American Language and Culture Program and Future Global Leaders Program for students to participate in a three-week study vacation summer camp. Students in both programs enjoy multiple field trips to local government agencies, NGOs, and public service departments. Students will also explore local landmarks. At the end of the programs, students present what they have learned and how it would impact their future educational and career plans.

American Language and Culture Program 
In this program, students expand their knowledge on a range of subjects from English writing, public speaking, and business proposals, to American sports and movies. Students take part in conversations with U.S. students and friends about different cultures, and also work together on solutions to social problems in their home country.

Future Global Leaders Program
This program provides challenging courses on business models for students with high English language proficiency. Topics include Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ideas, Social Media and Communication Strategies, and a series of business-related workshops.